Budget 2017

March 26, 2017


On Tuesday our MP Ziad Aboultaif spoke in the House at length on the Liberal budget that the Finance Minister was preparing to deliver. We have gone from a Conservative Government surplus to successive Liberal deficits. The Liberals have no plan on how they will pay back the billions of dollars they are borrowing. Higher taxes are always the Liberal answer, rather than admit they have a spending problem. You can find my speech on my YouTube channel or my website.

Practically the only good news for the Edmonton economy in this year’s budget is that the Finance Minister purchased his new shoes (a budget tradition) from a firm in our city. Once again the Liberals are putting Canadians further in debt, another $28 billion this year, with no plan in place as to how this borrowed money will be paid back. While most Canadians know that budgets don’t balance themselves and that money doesn’t grow on trees, those facts seem to have escaped the Liberal consciousness. Fiscal sanity seems to something reserved only for Conservative governments.