About Our Riding

Edmonton Manning was created by the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution and was legally defined in the 2013 representation order. It came into effect upon the call of the 42nd Canadian federal election in October 2015. It was created out of parts of the electoral districts of Edmonton—Sherwood Park, Edmonton East and Edmonton—St. Albert.

Boundaries description 

Consisting of that part of the City of Edmonton lying northerly and easterly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the easterly limit of said city with the right bank of the North Saskatchewan River; thence northeasterly along said bank to the Canadian National Railway; thence westerly along said railway to 66 Street NW; thence northerly along said street to 153 Avenue NW; thence westerly along said avenue to Castle Downs Road NW; thence generally northerly and generally easterly along said road to 97 Street NW (Highway No. 28); thence northerly along said street to the northerly limit of said city. 

The riding is named after former Social Credit Premier Ernest Manning, who held office from 1943 to 1968.